Newsletter Winter 1984-85

Administered by the Canadian Federation of Film Societies
P.O. Box 484, Station A, Toronto, Ontario  M5W 1E4

When the DOROTHY AND OSCAR BURRITT MEMORIAL AWARD was granted to the TORONTO ARTS GROUP FOR HUMAN RIGHTS in May 1984, it marked the 20th year that a cash grant had been made to assist an individual or a volunteer organization to undertake a project contributing to greater understanding and enjoyment of film as an art.

Dorothy and Oscar Burritt founded the film society movement in Canada and nothing achieved today would have been possible without them.  For the unique spirit of these two dedicated film pioneers to be celebrated and remembered for the next twenty years, it is imperative that the fund be replenished and revived each year.

The 1984 Grant of $2,000 was a far cry from the $300 given on the occasion of the first Award competition in 1965.  In order to maintain and perhaps increase the annual Award, donations are fervently solicited.  Film societies and their individual members are asked most earnestly to look at budgets and bank balances and come up with a donation–however large or small–it will be received with great joy.

Members of the TORONTO FILM SOCIETY, the “home society” of Dorothy and Oscar Burritt, have in the past been generous with their support and we trust we can once again count on them this year, as well as in future years.

The Dorothy and Oscar Burritt Memorial Award is registered as a charity under the Canadian Income Tax Act.  All donations will receive an official receipt for tax purposes.

Please make your cheque payable to the DOROTHY AND OSCAR BURRITT MEMORIAL AWARD and mail it to:  P.O. Box 484, Station A, Toronto, Ontario  M5W 1E4

A self-addressed and postage-stamped envelope for the purpose of mailing the income tax receipt to you, would help to defray the cost of our current fund raising drive.


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